iXsound 3.0 - universal active exhaust system

Can't resist the powerful sporty mesmerising exhaust sound? We understand! That's why we invented and created iXsound 3.0 for you 😎

👉 In the new generation of the system we have improved the "stuffing" of the control unit, endowing it with a modern and fast processor and an increased amount of RAM. All this gave us the opportunity to improve the quality and realism of sound, add new sounds (now there are 15 of them), powerful firing and dynamic start option.

👉In the new version of the system we used new high quality 100mm and 130mm diameter speakers with improved characteristics and larger frequency range. The sound is even louder and richer.

👉 In iXsound 3.0 we expanded the range of driver sizes - now they are rectangular 363x110x115 mm and 363x120x145 mm. This has made the kit options wider and the installation easier.

👉The system can be installed in four configurations: Standard (1 standard can), Standard Plus (1 large can), Premium (two standard cans) and Premium Plus (two large cans). Depending on the make and model of your car, we will find the best solution for your vehicle.

🙏We have tried hard and we are sure that iXsound 3.0 will please you and give you unforgettable sensations while driving your car.