Exhaust tuning: which solution to choose

Thinking about exhaust tuning and not sure which solution to choose? Let's find out together.

At the tip of the scale are the blast chute, the active exhaust system and the electronic flapper.

A straight-through muffler is the most affordable solution on the market, but there are obvious disadvantages; it is not suitable for diesel cars, difficult to install and the loss of the dealer's warranty, which is important if the car is new or under warranty. On top of that there are the complications of undergoing maintenance and the inability to regulate the noise level. The neighbours won't appreciate it.

The Active Electronic Exhaust is a loudspeaker system that reproduces the exhaust sounds of iconic car engines. Unlike straight-through exhaust systems, the solution is suitable for a quiet petrol car as well as a powerful diesel engine. The system is simple to install. No welding or extra brackets are needed, and the factory warranty is retained. It's easy to pass vehicle inspections and you can even move the system to another vehicle if you change it. The active exhaust is easy to control, adjusting the system for you from your smartphone screen or the buttons in the cabin. Choose your exhaust sound, adjust the volume and tone of the idle speed and the dynamics of the sound when revving up.

The electronic flapper. In essence, the vehicle's exhaust system contains both a straight-through and a conventional exhaust system at the same time. You control the electronic flapper via a mobile app or the OEM buttons, thereby adjusting the sound of the car's exhaust.