How do you make an Audi sound like a McLaren?

The iXsound active electronic exhaust gives your Audi A6 a powerful V8 sound. Take a free sound test and experience the explosive sound of a legendary sports car!

The iXsound exhaust system is completely different in principle to classic tuning solutions. Installing a damper or straight-through exhaust, for example, requires tampering with the factory styling. When installing iXsound, the original exhaust system is unaffected. Our high-quality radiators are fitted under the floor of the vehicle and generate sound based on data provided by the vehicle's CAN bus.

The quality of the German components, combined with the innovative design of iXsound, allows the system to be fitted to virtually any premium car, providing the car with a beautifully powerful sound. The system can be controlled from a mobile phone. 

You can have your exhaust system professionally tuned anywhere on the world map: in our workshops or by our partners. The iXsound Active Exhaust can also be purchased for self-installation.