A new super cool product for a powerful sporty car sound - the e-flap control module from IXSOUND

💥We are happy to introduce a new super cool product for a powerful sporty car sound - the e-flap control module from iXsound!

The electronic damper kit can be installed on a turnkey basis (it includes electronic damper and control module from iXsound with wiring). If you already have the damper, the control module from iXsound with wiring is purchased separately from the damper.

👋What is a damper and how does it work?

The electronic damper is a great option for those who wish to combine standard and straight-through exhaust systems in their own car. The electronic damper makes it possible to separate the two lines. When closed, the car is quiet but once the accelerator pedal is pressed hard, the flap opens automatically and the engine gasses flow straight through, by-passing the silencer.

👋What problems does the electronic damper solve?

The electronic damper solves, once and for all, the headache of excessive exhaust noise in city traffic. No more worrying about your neighbors complaining about your car's noise. And if you enjoy racing or driving fast on the open road, the electric exhaust system allows you to enjoy the open sound of the exhaust system to the full!

👋How does the electronic damper control module from iXsound work?

The electronic module automatically opens and closes the damper depending on the parameters received:

👉engine speed

👉accelerator pedal position

👉turbine pressure.

If you only want the damper to open at engine speeds above 4,000 rpm, set the required parameters in the mobile app. As soon as the RPM reaches the set value, the module will open the damper and close it when the RPM falls below the set value.

👋Size range and delivery set

The damper is available in three sizes, 51, 63 and 76mm, making the system very versatile. The system can be ordered as a complete kit (including electric damper and electronic module with wiring) or as an electronic module with wiring separately.

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💥Are you ready to experience a new level of comfort? Then get your iXsound electric damper kit with control module at the best possible price!